Friday, May 6, 2011

Flora and the Dragonfly

Perhaps this is not the most original subject: a kind of nice girl surroundend by flowers, in a faerie/fantasy environment. Well, a typical maistream stuff. 
Anyway, I wanted to do more portrait practice, so I started to sketch some quick doodles, maybe four or five, just to practice about values and shapes. My boyfriend picked up one and I worked further with it, trying to render skin textures and so on, keeping in mind the beauty of the works of Melanie Delon, Bente Schlick or Linda Bergkvist (well, not at THAT level, I know!). Who has been so kind to look at my previous paintings can notice some similarities with Alexander the Little and the Flemish Flowers. This time I wanted to work fast and effective, and not indulge in a long and exausting detail search (I've learned that, on the web, the most details are lost anyway)

Some close-ups as usual.

have a nice spring!