Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's you the Little One

Well, who's saying that? The Little and curious Wild Boy going around so fearless (and always with a stone in his hand), or the Little Flower Fairy staring at this stranger?

Like Alexander the Little, this painting was commissioned by my mother-in-law because she wants a fantasy portrait of my second born, too. As for the first, also this time I really tried to do my very best. Nevertheless, I feel quite disappointed when I realized that, even after three years, I scarcerly notice any improvement in my painting technique.  A big difference is that this time I painted my son directly from scratch, and not drawing a pencil sketch which went scanned, as I did with Alexander.
Hope, she will like it anyway.
Anatomy references for fairies pose come from the amazing Senshistock at DeviantArt. Reference for the lovely child are, of course, my own (after maaany attempts to get a decent shot).