Sunday, October 16, 2011

You so Hot

This is just a quick stuff, made for fun after having seen two chili peppers in that posture. Don't know why, but they made me think of two Spanish slugs (Arion Lusitanicus), which are a kind of obsession for swedish gardeners (here they're called mördarsniglar, or Murder slugs).
I put this picture under the label 90' sketch, but it probably took me a little longer than so, 2-3 hours. I've got some back pain now in late pregnancy and it's getting difficult staying long time in front of the computer.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fainting Autumn

Making doodles, I decided to go on with this one.
It depicts the spirit of boreal Autumn, as we experience it up here. Daylight becomes suddenly short and golden, the leaves have almost fled from trees, the girl tries to catch the last glimpse of light, but the day is already at its end, and soon snow will cover everything.
Technically, I tried here to work without references, just to give myself a challenge with anatomy.

I'm still not sure if the last version should be the whole figure or a smaller one.

a detail: