Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I was in a cover and I didn't know it...

Recently I've discovered the Google option "search by image", and, in a rush of vanity, started to look if my works were used/downloaded by someone else in the Internet.
Besides my own pages, or some of my watchers at DeviantArt, there are a couple of blogs and some russian wallpaper sites. Ahah, so famous I'm not :) .
Then I found this one, which looks like a cover of a magazine:

The picture is Alexander the Little, the portrait of my older son in a fantasy version.
Since I don't know Chinese, I asked a colleague of mine to translate the content on the page, and she confirmed that this is the cover of a widespread Chinese magazine, Science Fiction World
I learned from Wikipedia that they have some hundred thousand readers, and in fact for me, little and unknown illustrator, is a quite big honour to have one of my paintings gracing the cover of an important publication.

The point is, they never told me they wanted this picture for their publication. It's not a matter of money, since I did it after a request of my mother-in-law, and for building up my portfolio.
I hope at least they did credit me (well, looks like I'm very naïve :D )