Monday, April 25, 2011

Lady Water

I don't know if I like this work or not. I thought that the concept could be interesting (water in all her three forms, solid, liquid, and "vapor", let's say, also inspired by the snow melting during these sunny days up here), but during the painting process I realized that the result just sucks, despite the efforts I wanted to put in rendering details, composition and so on. It feels like I'm not able to produce a decent work despite the amount of my free time I'm consuming on painting and practice.
So, I don't feel to go on with this work any longer, and I edit it just like that.

Below I put a couple of details, as usual:


ruthie said...

I have just spent a wee while catching up on your latest works, there are some lovely pieces here. I love this one with the water & the details of the face. beautiful. After moving it has taken me so long to catch up with folks but I just wanted to thank you for the lovely mesage you left on my last blog post, it meant a great deal, and i am very honoured that you should find my wee space inspiring enough to help you to continue in what you do. ruthie x

Morgaine le Fée said...

Thank you Ruthie! You are always welcome here and it is an honour for me to have your visit. Your work and your gentle attitude are a great source of inspiration and motivation for me!