Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Appearance (selfportrait)

This picture is, apparently, filled with a lot of clichés one can find in several CG works: the mask, feathers, flying birds, a melancholic and soft environment.
Despite that, this is in fact the most personal painting I've done since I've started with digital art. 
The mask with peacock feathers is heavily referenced from the one I designed and made self several years ago, when I used to go to the carnival in Venice. In this picture I wanted to depict the feeling of being seen only for the own mask and appearance one shows to the world, without being able to really reveal himself, and the sense of loneliness coming from this. 
Who knows me personally could see some details which tell that it is, in fact, a selfportrait.

I put a couple of close-ups, as usual. Painting the peacock feathers has been a little tedious, but relaxing at the same time. For obvious reasons, all references used are from own photos and peacock feathers I've at home.
The details in the mask can be appreciated in full view.

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