Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue, or Violet

I really do not know which title give this one. I began it as portrait practice, then repainted, then I got pregnant and was so tired that I did not could do anything in my free time than sleep. 
Now that the second trimester arrived, tiredness getting better and at the same time holiday, i looked again into the GCTalk homepage and discovered that the call for entries for Exotique 7 has opened. 
So I felt motivated to pick up the tablet and Photoshop, and pick up this image, among the many I began and did not finish because not convincing.
Another subject maybe not very original, but that's it:


This, and 'Flora and the Dragonfly' will be submitted to Exotique, will see how it will work, even if there are much better things out there. However, if i do not try, it will not work for sure.

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Giulia said...

Congratulations :D