Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forced interruption

If digital painting offers endless possibilities, I must admit that there are also some huge limitations about it: you need a lot of expensive stuff to realize your masterpieces. You need an adequate computer, a pen-and-tablet set (well, it is possible to paint with mouse as well, as I realized recently, but this is more difficult), and a quite expensive program, if you decide that Photoshop is the one you're going to use. Then, you are dependent on electricity to make all of this work. Fine Artist's Colours and Similar Stuff can be quite expensive too, but one can anyway use much cheaper material and doing something good as well: some paper, a pencil and eraser are always affordable, and can be used without other technological facilities.
Well, this was just to tell that I have some stuff waiting for this blog, but after the Wacom pen died, now it was the turn of the Photoshop program to quit in a quite crowded computer. The old tablet was replaced by a wonderful new one, as a X-mas present from my wonderful boyfriend, but the computer is in a need of some deep cleaning.
In the meanwhile, I have to decide which traditional technique I should practise in the new year. Maybe drawing some human anatomy would not be so bad, I'm very poor with it...

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