Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Demoniac Vision

This time I decided to create a character completely new, just to test if I could get some inspiration, and find out a palette, instead of copying. I did a quick pencil sketch, which was scanned and used as base layer in Photoshop to develop it. The original sketch had such a bad anatomy that I had to take a picture of myself in the same pose, and use it as a model.
It should represent a female demon with a kind of double personality. Since I'm quite tired of the stereotipe sexy representations of females in the (male) world of digital art, I wanted to create a character which is more terrible than beautiful, and could suggest an aura of power around herself.
To be one of the first things I do in Photoshop, and thinking that I do not have so much time left for painting, I feel almost happy with this work. Nevertheless, much more training must be done and I whish I could be quicker.
That's why I've left it as a sketch and didn't try to paint more details, so I can go on with something else.

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