Thursday, January 6, 2011

Queen Bee

Before Christmas time I was asked by a friend to draw a picture for a tattoo. Since it was intend as a present for her husband, I was allowed to publish it only after X-mas holiday. beeing intended for a tattoo, I felt the task quite challenging, since it implies that the drawing is permanently fixed on skin.
The requirements were to draw something inspired to this song from the Italian band Marlene Kuntz. The attitude of the Queen Bee must be aggressive, somehow insolent, and she must hold a pot with honey between her legs. I decided to draw a couple of doodles, with a robotic style, the second one with a more antropomorphic and sexy approach to the anatomy:

The first one was chosen and then refined, including both a colored and a monochrome version. Since the deadline was close, I feel that the result could have been improved, especially about boots and some details of head, which I would have made more hi-tech/cyber, lets say. Here come anyway the final drawings:


thegustibus said...

You are a fabulous artist.
My Compliments... your creations are gorgeous.
Anna Manicone

Morgaine le Fée said...

Grazie Anna! You're too kind :)