Thursday, December 2, 2010


It has been long time since I posted some quick sketches.
Last Sunday we went to our cottage by the sea, and notice a couple of swans still staying here despite the hard, cold climate, and the ice slowly covering the sea surface. It would have been nice to take a picture, but the birds weren't that close, so I tried instead to take some quick pencil sketches while watching them with binoculars (not the most comfortable way to draw, but I think it is used by many birdwatchers).
Once at home, I sketched them quickly in Photoshop after the pencil drawings.


ruthie said...

Beautiful! how elegant swans are. The swans near here are all frustrated becasue their loch is frozen over, poor things. I have been enjoying your cartoon classicals too, well done not an easy thing to achieve i would think.

Morgaine le Fée said...

Thak you Ruthie! It's always nice to see you here!
I love to see swans at our place too. But, i wonder if they're so smart since it happens every winter that some are imprisoned by the ice. They should be able to fly away in time...

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

nice painting!
the lighting is pretty neat :D

Morgaine le Fée said...

Thanks Gabriele! I appreciate very much your visit and your comment.
I love the lighting in these cold days, and I enjoyed a lot to paint it.