Sunday, July 21, 2013

Into The Forest (selfportrait)

My boyfriend and my older son don't like this painting, saying it makes me ugly.
My 1-year old, instead, recognized me at once.
I must say, I've got a strong feeling of freedom while painting myself as a forest troll, surrounded by (some) of the creatures I meet daily. The art world is filled with pretty girls, so let´s go and fill the room of the ugly ones, instead!

painted in PS from scratch, as usual. (and based on a picture my 5-years old took of me, wearing a fake troll nose :D)


Sybille said...

fortissimo questo dipinto!!!
Da scriverci sotto "VOTE!" e io ti voterei subito! :)

buon agosto,

Morgaine le Fée said...

Grazie Sybille!
Mi sa che saresti l'unica, peró :D