Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The High Chancellor of T'hara

Although she has formally retired, no minister will dare a decision without prior seeking her advice.
The green peafowl is her pet of choice because "in the light and shadow of power, you can make colors shift the way you want." 

Well, this started as a portrait practice in PS, and I thank Khalahari at DeviantArt for providing this great reference. Peacock from my own resources.
Quite tired of the usual portraiture cliché of beautiful-sexy-young-girls which seems to be so mainstream nowadays, I wanted to depict a powerful and mature woman, in a kind of flemish-style portrait.
The peacock nearly kill me (painting it, not when  took the pic :) ), and I'm still not completely happy with it.

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Giulia said...

I'm impressed, the face is as detailed as a picture. You're getting better and better at portraits - and as usual I love the richness of your paintings in colour and textures