Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Snow Maiden (Snegurochka)

Long time, no blog, and very slow painting in the background of my life occupied by small children.
I started this one when the snow still covered the Scandinavian woods, and now it is finished only in the middle of summer.
This is my personal interpretation of a classic character of Russian folklore, the Snegurochka, or Snow Maiden, daughter of Frost and Spring. Despite she's typically depicted as a merry and kind girl, I wanted to show her sadness, since the legend tells her heart will melt, and she'll die, when she will first fall in love.


andima said...

bellissima, da perdersi nei dettagli. Molto belli gli elementi non focalizzati che aggiungono ulteriore profondità alla prospettiva

Morgaine le Fée said...

Grazie Andima, sei molto gentile!
Putroppo coi bambini il tempo per dipingere é pochissimo e non sono completamente contenta del risultato.

Mel Katt said...

Meravigliosa secondo me. Sei bravissima!

ophmac said...

By the way have you ever thought of drawing Baba-Yaga?

Morgaine le Fée said...

@Mel: grazie! :)
@Ophmac: thank you a lot! For the baba yaga, well, it should work, maybe I'll manage as a self-portrait :D