Friday, November 5, 2010

Barbabelle da Vinci

A couple of weeks ago I read that the DeviantArt group The Digital Painter announced a contest among digital painters. The subject is "From Comical to Classical", and, in the middle of two paintings which aren't satisfying me, I decided to take a break and participate in the contest, just for fun since I don't really hope to win something. 
The matter is, in short, to take one or more characters from a published comic, anime, or toon, and paint it in the style of a classical painting.
My son and his books inspired me to use Barbabelle from the Barbapapa family and turn her into the Lady with an Ermine from Leonardo da Vinci:

It had a lot of fun painting Barbabelle, and it went quite fast if compared with my usual standard. Even if I will be far away from getting some rewards, it was a good idea for finding something to decorate my child's room. A challenge was also to paint without color pickup, and also to get a kind of old patina to the painting itself.
Instead of the ermine I put a dog, which should resemble the Lolita dog of Barbapapa. I'm also aware that the real Barbabelle wears yellow flowers, but in this case I used red ones, since they better match the red dress, and, you know, she's a fashionist indeed...
I feel a little annoyed about the necklace not casting a shadow on Barbabelle's skin, but in the original da Vinci I cannot see that shadow as well, and I had to keep the same style as the original, so here is it:

Plus a couple of closeups:

And now I'm going to submit Barbabelle to the contest. Wish me good luck!


TopGun said...

Good luck!!!

I think this work it is incredible, a personal remake of barbabelle....marvellous!!

Sei un genio veramente :D

Morgaine le Fée said...

Thank you a lot TopGun!

Eléonore said...

Ma sei bravissima!!!!! Com'e' che non sapevo dell'esistenza di questo blog?!?!?!? :-)

Morgaine le Fée said...

Eleo! Grazie, poi detto da te che sei un'artista é un'onore :)
In realtá quello che faccio non vale niente in confronto ai lavori dei veri professionisti...