Friday, April 2, 2010

Another sea beast

This week I continue to sketch hands and people from magazines and live. It was a kind of funny try to sketch a someone's hand in 30 seconds during a long meeting (to the ones who will object that's not a professional behavior, I can reply that it has been demonstrated that drawing during meetings and presentations helps to keep alert). 
But, for my evening paintings, I did something in the same way and with the same style of the previous post. This time just a little bit prettier than the last one, a kind of mix between a fish, a blackfish and some other species which name I don't remember. I had fun also creating some custom brushes in Photoshop, which I used here.

A couple of closeups follow:


Cobalt Violet said...

This is incredible! In areas it looks like pastel and oil in others ... fascinating. On the computer? I'm confused. Wow, you are a wizard!

Morgaine le Fée said...

Yes, painting with Photoshop (or Painter, another program which I don't have) can give a lot of incredible effects. You can paint something which looks like a photo, and manipulate a photo in a way it looks like a painting!
Thanks for passing by and you comment!