Friday, March 5, 2010


I need to speed up my way to paint. I love odd creatures, from every kingdom. Today I bought a wonderful book about sea life. Today I had a couple of hours just for myself. 
So, here comes three speed paintings: a Melicertum octocostatum, a Cyanea capillata and a Haliclystus auricula, about 20-30 minutes each. I enyojed it very much.




Nym∼ said...

HI! :D thanks for stopping by on my blog ^^ are you Italian as well?? (your profile description is in Italian...) it's so funny because I noticed how we kinda have the same story....scientific background ...boyfriend initialized me to art and here I am :D and it's so cool you are in sweden *_* Ive always wanted to go there....amazing landscapes to paint! *O*
I like your works by the way! and I adore jellyfish eheh but your still lifes and landscape paintings are just wonderful *_* great ability to capture the right color palette and lighting situation...very alive!
keep it up! :D

Morgaine le Fée said...

Hi and thanks! yes, I'm italian, an expat since 10 years... so I'm more european right now. I think you did well to go to Art Center, you're really skilled and AC is very good! My boyfriend was there some years ago, I think it's wonderful that your boyfriend encouraged you to attend courses there. you'll surely succeed! Wish you good luck! :)